Defying the Disposable Mindset

From the BroadCAST

I don’t care if you think climate change is real or not. That’s irrelevant.

What I do care about is that you feel a conscientious duty to not pollute our environment.

The industrial revolution, disposable mindset and rising population has resulted in a significant increase in garbage and pollution. We have had no choice but to begin to notice that we should start trying to protect the natural environment in which we live. Over time it became no longer acceptable to just throw trash out the window of a moving vehicle, or to dump raw sewage into the ocean, for example. We began to produce more and more waste, and therefore developed an ethical obligation to manage that waste.

There has been a lot of public debate lately over the validity of climate change science. Let’s say there’s no such thing as climate change. Does that make it okay for large industrial companies to pollute our air with toxic chemicals? Does that make it okay to throw trash out the window? To forget about trying to save energy or daily water consumption?

We solved environmental issues, such as acid rain, in the past — though it may have taken a lot of time and convincing to do so. There were people who did not believe that acid rain existed, in spite of the scientific evidence that proved otherwise. From its discovery in 1963 to the passage of the Clean Air Act in 1990, legislative action on acid rain took 27 years.

Please don’t let the noise of divisive public debate cloud your common sense and distract you from taking action to solve real world problems.