How to Reduce Your Household Waste by 90%

From the BroadCAST

I have recently been writing about ways to become more energy efficient, and taking advantage of energy rebates through local programs such as Take Charge.

I wanted to continue with this theme of promoting environmentally-friendly practices, tying into The United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals — this time focusing on other ways we can go green at home, resulting in cost savings and reducing environmental impact.

Here are some of my tips and ideas:

-Buy “Energy Star” appliances;

-Bring nature in, plants purify indoor air;

-Don’t use aerosols if it can be avoided;

-Dont track in pesticides on your shoes (there is a reason your mother always told you to take your shoes off in the porch);

-Develop an energy efficiency mindset: be aware of the water, fuel, and electricity you are using;

-Reuse plastic bags and glass jars;

-Recycle e-waste, containers, deposit-carrying items, cardboard, and paper;

-Compost food waste and other organic waste;

-Segregate batteries, paint, tires, wood waste, and construction waste; and

-Utilize community composts and community gardens.

All told, through waste reduction and recycling, up to 90 per cent of waste can be diverted from the landfill. Please share your own personal tips with me. If there are things you are doing to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, I would love to hear about them!

Dawn is an environmental entrepreneur, writer, and keynote speaker based in Newfoundland and Labrador.